Meet The Team


Lydia Yhnell Pugh

Company Director
My name is Lydia Yhnell Pugh, I am the Reigning Mrs. UK World 2017/18 and a previous Miss Galaxy Wales 2012/13 winner. I have significant experience within the pageant industry, competing at a national and international level. During my pageant experience, I have gained confidence, self-belief, ambition, and determination to succeed. I have had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing people and charities. I believe in making the most of every given opportunity and it has always been a dream of mine to run my own beauty pageant ‘Miss Inspiration UK’. I hope to share my knowledge and experience and help inspire those that wish to succeed within the pageant industry. I have a two daughter and believe that mothers should not be discriminated against because they have a family. Therefore, Miss Inspiration has no restrictions with regards to being a parent or marital status.

Gareth Pugh

Creative Director
Starting out as high-end, digital retoucher, ten years ago, Gareth also now provides professional material across most design platforms such as; graphic design, web design, photography, motion graphics and CGi. Gareth is currently the creative director of Miss Inspiration and YellowFont ( but if that isn't enough, he also works full time as an Interactive Media lecturer. We would like to thank Gareth for creating all of the design material for Miss Inspiration and help raise funds for our chosen charity.